There are many aspects that you have to think about when planning a loved one's funeral, including what he or she will be buried in. This can be difficult, but if you remember these things and work with a knowledgeable and compassionate funeral director, you should be able to pick the right burial outfit for your loved one.

1. It Doesn't Have to Be Formal

For one thing, even though a lot of people choose dressy outfits for their deceased loved ones, and although this is an option that you can consider, it's not a necessity. If your loved one was more likely to be seen in jeans and a T-shirt than a dress or a suit and tie, choosing a more casual outfit might be a better choice.

2. You Don't Have to Buy Anything New

Don't assume that you have to purchase something brand new for your loved one's funeral, although this is something that you can do if you choose to. Instead, you can choose something from your loved one's closet. Picking a favorite outfit that your loved one already owned can be a more personal choice than going out and buying something brand new from the mall.

3. Fit is Important

Even though you can look in your loved one's closet for an outfit for his or her funeral, it is important to keep one thing in mind -- whether or not the clothes will fit. Some people lose a lot of weight in the weeks or months before their death, for example. Even though adjustments to the clothing can be made at the funeral home, it is a good idea to keep this in mind so that you can choose an outfit that will fit as well as possible.

4. You Shouldn't Forget the Accessories

The funeral home will generally provide makeup but usually will not provide accessories. If your dad always wore a baseball cap or if your mom had a beloved necklace that she always wore, you may want to ask that your loved one be buried in these things. Another option is to ask that your loved one be dressed in accessories for the viewing but for the items to be returned before the burial so that they can be given to family members.

Choosing your deceased loved one's funeral outfit is a big decision to make, and it's probably not one that you will want to take lightly. If you follow these tips, however, you can help ensure that you make the best decision. For more information, visit websites like